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Shower Affirmations

Slow down and make the most of your time spent washing away the day. Our affirmation deck is full of phrases to help guide you through finding and creating the most joy, optimism, love, and success in each and every day.

Set of 20 affirmations for each new day and each new week, choose one that speaks to you right now or let the universe decide. Clings to a moist shower or tub wall, with no adhesive and no bleeding colors. Say your mantra aloud, and keep it close in your heart to center your mind and intentions.

Deck of 20 cards


Resealable frosted bag

Made in the USA

Shower Affirmation Gift Set​

Each set comes in reusable frosted bag, the shower affirmation deck of 20 cards and eucalyptus shower steamer.

Purse Holder

This purse holder is a must have for all of your p​urses, handbags etc. No more placing it on the floor or seat.

Folds out quickly and conveniently and attaches to any table in seconds for a safe, secure hold. 


100 % of Sales Benefit The FLOW Foundation's Programs & Services

Paperback Book: Phone Calls from Heaven

A Child's Story to Cope With Loss: 

This is a true story about a little boy whose favorite aunt passes away tragically and unexpectedly. The boy uses his faith in God to learn about death, heaven and angels, exploring ways to cope with the loss. When he begins to receive signs and messages from his aunt in

heaven he begins his journey to heal himself and others in coping with the devastating loss of a loved one. The book also touches on the reality of domestic violence and how we can start t​o help prevent it

from an early age. This book has the ability to heal, strengthen, give hope and comfort to anyone who has experience a death in the family and the loss of a loved one.

100 % of Sales Benefit The FLOW Foundation's Programs & Services

Cherry  Scented Car Freshener

100 % of Sales Benefit The FLOW Foundation's Programs & Services

Flow Affirmation Candles

Inspired by Self Love the Affirmation Candles centers its focus on the importance of self care and self love. It is proven that when one repeats an affirmation, their mind and soul begins to change-- ultimately transforming their reality. Our Affirmation Collection is designed to spark that movement.

Eventually, these positive affirmations will become a part of your life and will change your life forever.  Each affirmation candle has it's own amazing scent. Use the drop down menu for scent selection.

10oz - Burn time approximately 65 hours

Soy Wax Scented Candle

Made with Cotton Wicks

All ingredients are natural, nontoxic, and phthalate free

Grow with the FLOW Signature Tee

Make a statement and join us with this beautiful, soft tee shirt. All proceeds (as with all of our products) benefit programs and services of the FLOW Foundation.

100 % of Sales Benefit The FLOW Foundation's Programs & Services

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