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Support & Services

  • Partner with other agencies, private parties and other resources to provide safe, temporary emergency shelter assistance to help turn victims of domestic violence into FLOWers and survivors.

  • Provide legal assistance with restraining orders, hearings and issues related to domestic violence including custody, safe visitation, support, and other family law matters related to domestic violence.

  • Provide one-on-one counseling, support group and therapy sessions,

  • Provide a safe, serene, comforting and peaceful atmosphere, where women can heal, strengthen and grow, through yoga & meditation classes, self help and empowerment classes and more.


Protection from injury

Increase muscle strength and tone

Improve respiration, energy & vitality

Decrease stress physical/emotional pain

Prayer & Meditation

Gain peace of mind

Better emotional stability

Ease anxiety and depression

Improve inner strength and clarity

Self Improvement

Build self esteem
Help with mindset changes
Help with procrastination
Increase willpower

Self Defense Classes

Build confidence
Improve strength and balance
Develop self-discipline
Gain self-respect

Basics of Business

Entrepreneurship programs
Financial literacy
Goal planning
Time & money management

Support Group Sessions

One on one mentoring & counseling

Group therapy sessions

Family & children assistance

Intervention assistance

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